Friday, June 24, 2011

From Beantown to the Big Apple

I was up pretty late on Wednesday night setting up the blog and working on the first post. And that obviously meant I was running late the whole day. I dropped Chewy off at the freighbors (friends + neighbors) and had a pretty sorrowful goodbye with him. I hate leaving him in the care of others because I know how crazy he is sometimes. But in the event of the greater good, both he and I can make small sacrifices!

It rained practically the whole way to New York. It rained through all of Massachusetts and Connecticut. (Does anyone else think CT is ridiculously long? It should NEVER take hours to get through such a tiny state!) Traffic came to a screeching halt around 530 (near New Haven, I think?) and I didn't make the decision to give up on I-95 S until Fairfield County. The drive along Route 7 was beautiful. Really hilly and curvy with grand majestic trees and it was the one of the few parts of the drive with little to no rain.

My GPS said it would take four hours to get here. They overestimate their time, but with the weather and traffic delays it took me a little over five hours. Next time I take a road trip from Boston and head in any direction other than north, I'll leave at night. It's less stressful and even though it's a pain not being able to speed, it'll save me time and peace of mind.

Needless to say I was really happy to see my family! The last time I saw my aunt was about a year ago when I went home for my sister's housewarming and I hadn't seen my cousin in over five and a half years! But it was really fun catching up with him. And even better seeing Jay! (He's lost a couple of teeth since last November -- don't worry. We'll post pictures later!) I printed off a copy of our family tree for my aunt. She's been a really good resource since she's older than my mom and neither of my grandparents on my maternal side are still living. I can't wait to add pictures and get the book professionally bound.

The only bad thing about the trip is that it wasn't long enough. It would have been nice to spend a few more days in NY to visit with all of my relatives who live out here. And it would have been nice to drive out to NJ to see my grandma. One of my college roommates also flew out to the city last night and I wanted to go see her but after that drive, I was pooped!

Jay already started his first post. He's not very thrilled about posting. Hopefully he'll get into it after a few posts.

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