Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Favorite City

***This next post was written almost exclusively by Jay. Anything italicized was edited by yours truly***

When I came to Boston I went to pick up Chewy. He was at Molly and Ben's house. I was jealous because Chewy was happy to see Titi but not me! Over the next few days we were so busy with schoolwork. (Not true) We did fun stuff too.

I went to the Beach and we saw jellyfishs. Me and my Titi threw rocks. Then I cooked with Molly. We baked poptarts and hot pockets. Then I played with Ben's Ipad. We made music and we played a guitar and on the internet.

One day I went to lunch with my aunt and her two friends. I ate a big fish. It was so good. When I got my food the fish eyes were on the fish. I did not eat the fish eyes. but the rest of the fish was so good.

We also played Just Dance 2. I played with my buddy Nathan and my other buddy Molly. Molly won. Nathan beat me too. I beat Titi in our first game but she beat me in the second.

I hope we go sailing this weekend with our friends but too bad too sad it's going to rain!


  1. Hi Jay! I'm glad that you didn't eat the fish eyes. That sounds yucky!! Don't worry about Chewy. Once he gets used to you he'll be happy to see you too. The pictures of you making hot pockets were really good. I bet they were tasty! Is Boston really your favorite city now?

  2. I just asked Jay if Boston is really his new favorite city and he said, "Tell Christie that she know it is!"