Friday, July 8, 2011

Field Trip Fridays

Last Friday, Jay and I headed out with a couple of friends on a riverboat cruise on the Charles River and had the opportunity to view both Boston and Cambridge from the water. The weather was perfect. It's been incredibly hot here but on this day it was much cooler and it even rained a little. I usually avoid the tolls so I thought I was lost for a while trying to get to the mall but we ended up exactly where we needed to be and had time to spare.

Molls and Char were first in line while I escorted Jay to the bathroom. Naturally, we skipped the line since they had our tickets and I'm sure that made the people in line a little upset. Especially since we took the best seats on the riverboat! There was room for one more seat and this woman sits down and sits so close to Jay that he gets up and moves (which is what she wanted so her partner could sit down). I was so angry that I yelled at Jay to immediately sit back down and not let people take something that's his. Then the lady asked if Molls and Char could sit closer to one another, but we weren't having it. Yes, we took the entire cushioned back seat, but the rest of the boat was completely empty! No exaggeration. So Molly played dumb and answered her in French which was fabulous since Charlotte only speaks French. Then I played along and pretended like I didn't know English either. I honestly think that woman was an idiot because she heard me talking to Jay in English after she nudged him out of his seat.

Jay wasn't too happy to have everyone speaking French. So then he left his seat again. Forced out again. Let's count how many available seats there were in just the visible frame of the picture I took!

We learned some interesting facts from the cruise. First, Harvard claims to be the oldest university in the U.S. I was always taught that it was William and Mary but apparently that's debatable. More presidents have matriculated through Harvard than any other college or university. Oh, and people can't swim in the Charles River. Not because of pollutants, but because there are obstructed views (I think) and for that reason it's unsafe.

I took some amazing pictures on Jay's camera but can't get them uploaded right now. Luckily I took some on Molly's too. Check em out!

Here's what Jay had to say about that day:

Yesterday I went on cruise to see statues then I sign up for the bike ride my aunt was so happy becase we are getting tv's then we went to sleeps (Sleepy's to) lay down on solf (soft) beds and we went to Sears and the mall. to get me a game and ring for my girlfriend. I hope my girlfriend Like it becase she is going to be so happy and I hope she give me something (if not?) I am going to be sad.

I'll clear that up for everyone. After the cruise we spent the afternoon shopping. There's a duathlon (running and biking) for kids ages 5-15 on the 31st and I signed him up to participate. I think he has to bike 3/4 of a mile and run half a mile. We're "training" by walking as much as we can. :) Every participant receives a medal and t shirt, but they will also raffle off new bikes and flat screens. I told Jay if he wins the TV, he should just leave it here because he has no way of getting it back to NC. He replied that his Uncle E could just drive it down for him. Funny.

We actually never went to Sleepy's, although we do talk about going to check out a new mattress for my. My back is killing me from sleeping on these futons! But we checked out some beds at Sears so I understand he confusion. I bought him a game for his birthday (but he's only played his PSP once since coming here because I keep him so busy so hopefully he'll forget I bought him that and I'll just pack it in his suitcase and let him fry his brain with his parents!) At first I thought he made all that girlfriend and ring stuff up. But apparently he DOES have a girlfriend (whatever that means) but no one bought her a ring. I checked with Molly and he did find a $3 ring but he wasn't on his best behavior so he knew not to ask me and she didn't buy it for him. I'm glad!


  1. So much to little time...
    1. WHO does that lady on the boat think she is? Really? she's stealing seats from children? I would have gone OFF on her!
    2. So Jay just gon have a girlfriend?
    3. Yall have been "training"? I hope that means running laps around the apartment because it is TOO hot.
    4. I see your new background. You're trying to give this blog an academic feel?
    5. Which one is Molly and which on is Frenchie?
    6. When you were speaking french did you say "uuuhhh" all the time? lol!
    I think I'll stop there. :-)

  2. 1. I almost wish you had been there, girl. You would have appropriately acted a fool.

    After dropping the issue for a couple of weeks, it appears they've officially broken up. I'm not too concerned about it. He still loves me way more than the rest of these blanks. :)

    3. We missed his race. We drove back from Bridgton late Saturday night and got home at midnight. I stayed up doing laundry so he'd have clean clothes to wear and then we both "slept" through the alarm. Jay was bummed out but I downloaded some WWE to his Ipod so all is forgiven.

    4. Yet again, the background has changed. I haven't loved any of them really. I let Jay pick a couple but I always end up just doing what I want. Never satisfied.

    5. Frenchie looks French. She's got the dark hair and rarely smiles.

    Et Deux of All... UHHHHHHH. Bien sur.