Friday, July 22, 2011

Turning Ten

My birthday was on Saturday and I turned ten. My auntie and I stayed up until midnight. We had a midnight club. I fell asleep and Titi laid out all of my presents for a surprise. Molly and Ben bought me some new shoes. Molly bought me a Harvard shirt and Ben got me a georock. My auntie bought me a Camaro t-shirt, some jeans, a psp game, a puzzle and some candy. On Tuesday we are going to open me a bank account. I am so happy. My daddy gave me $60 so I can buy something and I want to save some of it in the bank. My mom got me some spy rearview glasses and a watch that records audio, video and takes pictures. I can play games on the watch. My watch also has an alarm and it woke my auntie up this morning! My uncle is going to send me more money and my grandma and great-aunt mailed me birthday cards with money. I like both of them the best.

My auntie and I had a good breakfast. It tasted so good you'll want to slap your mama. Titi made sunnyside up eggs, bacon and oreo cookie cupcakes. Oreo cookies were inside! For lunch we went to McDonald's. I wanted to buy lunch for my auntie and Molly. I really liked my food. Then my aunt and I went to the beach to look at the sand sculptures. We saw fireworks, too. Later that night we went to the park and played int he sprinklers and with the see-saw. We went to Ben and Molly's to eat my birthday cake. Molly baked my birthday cake. It tasted like cornbread but I liked the chocolate icing. No one really liked it.

Titi is a better baker.

[Okay, fine. I wrote that last sentence].

After cake we watched Problem Child. When it was over it was already Sunday morning. I'm so glad I'm ten years old.

{Pics to follow -- having technical difficulties!]

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