Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Multiple Posts (by Jay, heavily edited by Titi -- because I'm so tired of frustrating him!)

We went to the beach and we walked a long time on the beach to find crabs. I gave them food and relaxed on my mat to eat and drink water. The night before we ate dinner with Ben and Molly and we watched Harry and the Hendersons. Earlier in the week, I had a play date with R but it was not that fun because R was not letting me play with his DC. But it was still a little fun. Then I went home and did salsa dancing with Jams. The next day I went to camp to play. It was so fun and I really like it.

Then on the Fourth of July, I went to my friends Luke and Liam's house and we went swimming and we ate some good food. We had corn, hot dogs, and hamburgers. When it was dark outside we lit trick birthday candles [because fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts.]


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