Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playing Catchup

Jay and I have been busy! Extremely busy.

Friday was a tough day for him. I didn't have to work which gave us a good amount of time to dedicate to writing, reading comprehension and multiplication tables. He wasn't happy about it. At all. I wasn't happy about the fact that he wasn't happy about it. Never a good combination. But we got through the day, went shopping at Target where we picked up some math flashcards, President flashcards, and a science project workbook. He also picked out some gifts for his new besties!

Later that evening we met a friend at the Children's Museum of Boston. I really enjoyed myself at the Children's Museum which means Jay absolutely loved it. They have a new exhibit featuring The Wizard of Oz and because of that some of the cast members were dressed in costume greeting us as the front door. The Wicked Witch of the East (or West?) was friendly. My favorite room in the museum was probably the bubble room. Jay was also a fan of the golf ball room and the netted climbing structure. I don't think he would have left if we hadn't lured him with ice cream.

This climbing structure was his favorite and most of all the other kiddos too. He made it to the top once, I think. It was so crowded he had to make his way back down to make room for other kids. Or to escape the madness.

Other kids had difficulty pulling up their weight. Good to know our kiddo is as strong as he looks!

My favorite room! I love bubbles! It kind of counts as getting a bath, right? I totally blew one right in his face. Didn't even see it coming.

Those turtles were delightful to watch. He crawled right under their station and watched them swim across (on top of each other) from one side to the other.

It's going to be a sad day when Jay leaves. :( No more Children's Museum.

We started walking towards the Aquarium station when Molls had the fantastic idea to take a water taxi home. It was definitely the best 20 minutes of the day. No lie. The city lights against the backdrop of the night sky and the rushing sound of the waves was absolutely exactly what the doctor ordered. It had been THE longest day. I felt utterly at peace and when we pulled into the harbor and had a 20+ minute walk ahead of us to get home, I was glad. Simply glad. So glad of the take it easy feel of summer. So glad that my nephew was with me. So glad that I've made such good friends.

While I worked Saturday, the freighbors took Jay out with their foreign exchange student to see a war reenactment, have lunch, and check out prices for an e-reader. I packed Jay with a bagged lunch because I thought they were going to the library (not the mall) but I think he probably tossed it. Can't blame him. He also came home with a brand new pair of basketball shoes. (This is literally less than 24 hours after his multiplication meltdown.) Oh, and he got an ipod.

SO JEALOUS. But not really. He's been asking for one for years and 10 is a pretty special year. His first decade. I seriously get a little weepy when I think about the fact that he's more than half way out of the nest.


  1. The pictures make these posts SO much better! I love them! And you know you can probably go to the children's museum without jay...oh wait, that would be creepy...unosurp. i take it back.

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