Sunday, July 24, 2011

Party in the House

My friends and I threw Jay and one of his new buddies, Luke a joint birthday party the weekend after they both turned ages 10 and 15. And on the same day, too! The Thursday before the party, Jay and I went shopping at Target so he could buy himself a birthday gift from his dad. He bought the DoaWK Rodrick Rules dvd and he bought ME the Adele 21 cd. WOOHOO. Love that kid. And I love that cd. He also bought himself some other odds and ends but mostly ended up spending most of his birthday money on unnecessary things. Ah, to be young and rolling in the deep dough.

I work on Saturday mornings so Jay went to meet the birthday crew in Chinatown and came back with so much loot that I've been dreaming about my favorite childhood candies with Asian flares. I joined the crew later at the bowling alley in Central Square in East Boston for an unbelievable afternoon. All of the kiddos had fun and I enjoyed the candlestick bowling, too. Although I must say, I didn't really like the fact that there were no bumpers, the ball was super small, the bowling pins were oddly shaped and bowlers had to manually press a button to reset the pins.

So maybe it wasn't too much fun after all.

The place was decked out with decorations from Dollar Tree. Woohoo! I love Dollar Tree parties. I also baked a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkled Happy 10 and 15 on the cake so that the boys would feel special. I didn't love the cake as much as I loved the cupcakes but it was nice to have something like that at the party even though both kiddos had already celebrated their birthdays the weekend before.

Then we went back to the house and had a watergun fight that sort of led to kids throwing the birdbath water on each other and then just flat out using the garden hose to drench me. The water was freezing cold but it felt amazing with the backdrop of ridiculous hot weather. The party was supposed to have been a sleepover but long story short, Jay, Jams and I headed home to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules and Child's Play 3.

We rocked the birthday this year!

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