Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday in the City (title by Titi)

Today we went to see a fake war (a re-enactment) but it was a play. It was so fun. Molly's cousin was in the play. We took a lot of trains to go to the mall. They (Molly and Ben) bought me New shoes. I love the shoes they was Like the same thing I have no but diffent coloer but better becase they fent (fit) my feet Good. and it was awsome but the best thing I hope Titi have a Good day and I love Titi me and Titi went to see (some of her students).we went to Toget (Target) to get some food and we love Toget it's the store (We cooked) pizza and meatballs on top of the pizza and I cooked it we went to the dollar store to get flashcards and multiplication flash cards it is a lot of cads (cards) but is not I bought them a prezent a bear me and ben did this awsome with the bulbes (bubbles?)
i should write that on the chart we had water bules (balloons) throw them on each another

***So, as you can see, we're making slow and steady progress. It's been a challenge to get him to sit down and write the post. So when it's all said and done, I'm just glad to have it done and neither one of us has the mental capacity to edit. I've introduced weekly spelling words to tackle the misspellings. He also is very aware now of bad grammar and catches himself ALL the time before saying things like "Do you got" or "Is we." I'm a proud Auntie. In fact, I said something the other day that wasn't grammatically correct, and he said, "Titi, that's not right!" It was pretty funny. I'm a little concerned about the inability to mark when sentences end (and then begin). But I think, all in all, that's the only time a red flag appears. Spelling isn't the easiest thing in the world so I'm not too worried.***

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  1. I'm glad you two are making progress. Good job Titi and Jay!